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I work as a volunteer at the Foundation for Community Inspiration.

Piano Improvisation by Charity Volunteer David Piper

Below is a video of David Piper who volunteers for the charity improvising for all charity supporters.

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Why Not Sponsor a Mother

The Foundation for Community Inspiration has now started sponsoring mothers in Kolkata, India. You can sponsor a mother through the foundation. Sponsoring mothers is one of the most effective ways of ending poverty and improving peoples lives. This is because … Continue reading

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Ghanain Foods

Nutrition as we have talked about a lot at F4CI is crucial towards ending poverty. Providing good¬†nutrition for young children is essential towards their healthy development as adults and contributes significantly towards the health of a person in later life. … Continue reading

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Hedge Fund Land Grab Robbing Africans of their Livelihoods

For the past few years Hedge Funds and other large western institutions have been buying up huge swathes of land in Africa – equivalent to an area the size of France. This is detrimental because the land which is being … Continue reading

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Video Testimonials for Budukwaa Project

Denzil from Blue Skies has produced a video testimonial for our Budukwaa Project which F4CI completed.

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Video Testimonial from our Budukwaa Project

Denzil from Blue Skies has produced a testimonial video for the kitchen extention F4CI funded in Ghana. See below.

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Budukwaa Rural School Project Photos

The following slideshow shows the pictures from our Budukwaa Rural School Project which has been supporting the community children for the past 3 years in education. The centre is equipped with much needed drainage facilites and rainwater harvesting for the children.

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With 7 billion on earth, a huge task before us

With the advent of the worlds 7 billionth person, the worlds resources are becomming increasingly stretched, agricultural systems are being pushed, rainforests are being cut down, groundwater is being depleted, species are threatened. How will we deal with the pressure … Continue reading

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Charity Walk April 2012

Thanks to everyone who took part in our charity walk 2012. The walk took place around Rutland Waters peninsula. It was a sunny day with no rain fortunately. The dogs came and enjoyed a breath of fresh air, we had … Continue reading

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Enjoy donating to Specific Programs at F4CI

You can now donate to specific programs at Programs at time of writing include our Blue Skies program which allows you to donate to support a community in Ghana. The community will be supported by by providing it with … Continue reading

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