How We Managed the Ghana Program

The Foundation for Community Inspiration visited Ghana twice in order to manage its first project the Ghana Central Region Program to completion (See Here). The visited focused on the Central Regions of Ghana in some Pineapple plantation based villages. The villages all worked for local British food producer Blue Skies, and while helped by the company, needed more in development terms in order to grow. The foundation worked with Blue Skies and some leading UK schools from Sheffield to create a community centre which was the primary choice of the citizens of the four villages. The center was able in particular to mean it could be doubled up as a kinder garten for small children meaning they could be taught right next to where they live rather than some miles away.

The village community had already dug some of the foundations for the community center and in doing so had shared some of the cost of completion and showed a determination for the new center. The center was eventually completed despite some turbulence in the exchange rates and was completed using the management system carried out by the Blue Skies factory.

Finances came from funds raised by the schools, a significant sum from company Private General Practice Services and individual amounts from individual donors.

Two visits were carried out, the first to assess what could be done and to gain an understanding of the environment we were working in, during which we did some studies on how to best help end poverty, and the second visit was with some members of the schools to develop relationships between the communities and ourselves in the UK.

We built relationships with the staff at the Blue Skies factory who were able to help manage the program successfully to completion.



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