Water for Life

Water, in the form of bore holes, rainwater catchments and sanitation and hygiene projects is one of the best ways to help bring life to people in need globally. For just £25 you can buy a family of 4 water for life as a bore hole will provide a modest population water for 10 years at a cost of around £500-£5000 depending upon the location.

Water affects so many different areas of life. It stops disease. A huge amount of disease such as diarrhoea, dysentry and even malaria and HIV are at least partially affected by poor water supply. Diarrhoea is common amongst children with bad water supply and can often kill. Clean water and sanitation has one of the biggest affects on health in the developing world.

The knock on affects from good health, created by clean water and sanitation include helping people going to work because they are not ill, allowing key people to remain on key projects because they dont die during the job, technological information is retained in the family because parents don’t die and can keep their children, children go to school because they don’t have to look after their families if parents have died and they arn’t ill, women’s power is increased because they take charge of the local water systems and don’t spend hours of the day fetching water. Better womens empowerment further leads to the education of the children and balance and quality of life in the communities.

The effects of health and education bear in all areas of the society inclduding the general well being of the people involved. Water is one of the most crucial elements affecting poor societies and it is not expensive to help someone for it. A lot can be achieved for a little cost.

See our Mali Progam which offers water to a developing country.



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