An Integrated Approach is Needed

‘There is a Genuine risk that the Millenium Development Goals will not be met’ according to water Aids Policy and Research sector. The lack of success is blamed at a single sector approach and not looking at a wider integrated picture.

‘Progress in health and education is dependent on access to safe water and effective sanitation. And yet the failure to recognise this interrelationship means that global spending on health and education has nearly doubled since 1990 while the share allocated to water and sanitation has contracted.’

The target to halve the proportion of people living without access to water and sanitation is wat of track and looks at arriving 71 years late. The economic costs of failing to implement the water targets each year are  around $38 billion. The problem say water aid is that rich countries tend to follow single issue plans to help when an all round effort is needed.

For example there are high drop out rates of girls going to school, even where there are high enrollment rates due to lack of water and sanitation. For examples girls spend hours collecting water, and don’t want to face embarrassement of menstruation in schools.

In a different area little action has been taken on diarrhoea, a water bourne disease while measles which is stopped by injections has ben improved by 75%.


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