Water, Sanitation and the Millennium Development Goals

The Foundation for Community Inspiration offers you a way for you to help end poverty. To do this the Foundation follows the advice of the Millennium Project which was set up to figure out the best way of ending poverty. The Millennium Project was set up by the United Nations in order to provide the most effective recommendations towards ending poverty and it works towards the well known Millennium Development Goals which aim to reduce poverty significantly by 2015. The Foundation for Community Inspiration is now focusing on working towards completion of a large number of these goals through the simple method of providing water and sanitation to communities in Africa.

Water and sanitation contribute to 5 of the 8 Millennium Development Goals.

  1. End Hunger – By reducing the number of parasites in the body, clean water and sanitation
  2. significantly improve nutritional intake. Nutritional status is the defining measure of hunger worldwide. By improving nutrition, we start to end hunger.
  3. Universal Education – By reducing the need for children to spend hours fetching water, children can attend school. Also girls are encouraged to go to school because of the available of toilet facilities.
  4. Gender Equality – is improved because women have responsibility, control and status over the Water Wells and so gain more say in the community
  5. Child Health – is improved because the nutritional health of the children is improved, and nutrition is a key factor in the healthy development of children under five.
  6. Maternal Health – Maternal health is also improved through the nutrition of the mother. The mother who is healthy produces a healthier offspring.

The Foundation is currently raising money for water and sanitation programs in Mali. These water and sanitation programs are carried out by established experts in the water and sanitation field, ‘Water Aid’. We encourage you to donate to this program. We hope that you feel strongly about ending poverty and that you consider water and sanitation to be an effective way of contributing towards this.

To feel more confident about donating to this cause, please see our previous completed  work in Ghana. The Ghana Central Region Program aimed to help a community in Ghana provide better accommodation for schooling as well as a much wanted community centre facility. The Ghana Central Region Program page will show you more about how we successfully completed the program.

Please donate to our Mali program which is helping end poverty.



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One Response to Water, Sanitation and the Millennium Development Goals

  1. Nice post. Particularly found the link to achieving the MDGs interesting. There’s still some level of confusion about who and what sort of project can contribute the most to achieving the MDGs (with only 4 years left). I would encourage you to take a look at the poll that is linked to from this event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=181161318602356 . It’s an evaluation survey aimed at finding out people’s opinions on who or what can contribute the most to achieving the MDGs.

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