Water Aid has launched WashWatch, a new website to see how different countries are doing in the race to create acceptable water and sanitation systems. Ghana, where we have worked scores 17/20 for water and 13/20 for sanitation. Mali, where we are working now scores 6/20 for water and 16/20 for sanitation. Both countries are doing well compared to other western Africa countries, many of whom score 0/20 for sanitation and lower for water. Unfortunately the story of 0/20 for sanitation is common in most of Africa. Ghana and Mali are maybe doing better because of the relative stability of the country and the willingness of governments to work towards a better water future. Also the presence of Water Aid in both countries must make a difference.


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I work as a volunteer at the Foundation for Community Inspiration.
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2 Responses to WashWatch

  1. emy says:

    thnks for your information

  2. Great to see this is being cataloged- the first step to helping is to realize how much help is needed! I must say that I’m surprised by Ghana and Mali, in a good way!

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