Stuarts Project for the Blind in Zambia

I though today I’d write a post about Stuart Sharp. I met Stuart a few years back. The first time I met him was when he graiciously bought me a flying lesson encouraging me to get a started in a Cessena. Stuart become a pilot so he he could traverse the bush in Zambia where he tried to help out locals by providing useful amenities such as shoes. However now he has his heart set on a bigger goal, to create a centre for the blind and disabled in the capitol of Zambia.

Stuarts’ life has taken many twists and turns. After his son died, he heard music from Angels and subsequently wrote down the music he heard which he later raised funds for to be played by the Royal Philharmonia. Stuart has now written a book about his life, and is looking to create a film to fund his objective of building the £7million centre in Zambia.

Stuart has now written a book which you can find on his  website, has written several ‘Angeli’ symphonies which have been performed by the Royal Philharmonia, and he has completed a successful West End show.

Below is a video which talks a bit about Stuarts life, and about his book. You can find more information about Stuart, his music, film, and life on his website.

Below, Keshi comments about Stuarts work in Zambia.


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