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Poverty Apps:

One Child

One child is an app by Mission of Mercy. In summary, the app might be an innovative addition to your arsenal of poverty apps, especially if you like sponsoring children as you can select from a range of children to sponsor and you can view pictures and accounts of each child. You can also manage your current relationships with children you’ve sponsored. Pleasant to the eye, with pictures, maps, written accounts of children to sponsor, and a pleasant maroon patterned background, the app is informative and tells you stories of its work in developing nations.

Upon downloading this free app, you can select to login, create an account or select to skip for now on the introductory screen.

Initially I chose the skip for now option. This imediately directs you to a ‘how you can pray today’ link. There is also a link to the main menu at the top. Upon selecting the prayer link there are a number of causes for you to pray for. At time of writing there was a women’s mission trip to Cambodia that you could pray for, praying for projects in Lebanon and the fact that Tropical Irina had headed out to sea. This section was complete with sharing icons including facebook and twitter.

If you don’t want to pray you can select the ‘menu’ option. This gives you options including to ‘sponsor a child’ and look at ‘stories from the field’ and ‘make a difference’.

The sponsor a child option allows you to select from a number of pictures of children as to which child you would like to sponsor. You can then click on a picture to read more about each child and click to sponsor upon which you are taken to a checkout on the website. The process of selecting children appeared innovative and was engaging. However I did not have the money to actually try out the sponsor!

‘Stories from the field’ contained around 15 stories and videos from the field. The stories were short to moderate in length and talked about some of the hazards and needs of people on the ground, as well as what was and had been done to help them.

In the ‘Make a Difference’ section some of the stories were quite heartwrenching, like the story of a baby who was saved from the depths of a pit latrine who had been disposed of there and was subsequently saved from the latrine and aquainted with ‘The New Life Home’ where ‘the staff christened him’. There were three causes in the section with options to donate at the bottom of each.

There is also a section for you to login and see details of children and programmes that you have sponsored through the main website.

So, in summary an innovative app, that may be worth adding to your arsenal, especially if you enjoy sponsoring children.


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