Enjoy donating to Specific Programs at F4CI

You can now donate to specific programs at www.f4ci.co.uk. Programs at time of writing include our Blue Skies program which allows you to donate to support a community in Ghana. The community will be supported by by providing it with facilities such as a bore hole or a school. We are waiting for Blue Skies to select programs for funding at around the end of May 2012.

Donating to a specific program allows you to track the success of your donation. Because you are donating to a specific cause you can follow that program on our website as it develops or by signing up for our emails or through following our social media, all of which you can find thorugh our website www.f4ci.co.uk.

The sort of information we tend to post includes testimonials which allows you to feel how our work really effects communities from their perspective and allows you to gauge how much community memebrs appreciate the efforts. You can read and watch vidoes about our partners, and learn about the communities to feel closer to them.

All in all donating to a specific progam really allows you to connect with a program and experience the appreciation of your gifts from the communities involved. By seeing the photos of finished programs you are able to see the results of your work and watch any videos about them. We hope that by becomming involved at the foundation you will get as much joy as you give through your support.


About f4ciadmin

I work as a volunteer at the Foundation for Community Inspiration.
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