Why Not Sponsor a Mother

The Foundation for Community Inspiration has now started sponsoring mothers in Kolkata, India. You can sponsor a mother through the foundation.

Sponsoring mothers is one of the most effective ways of ending poverty and improving peoples lives. This is because the effects of nutrition, and clean water and health care on pregnant mothers and young children has huge effects on the life span of people in communities mainly through the direct effects of this health care on the individual mothers and children. The knock on effects on the community in terms of economy and quality of life increase also. By inspiring people through health care and helping improving peoples lives, the communities will feel empowered to live better lives.

During the program a health care worker will visit poor families in slums and poor villages around Kolkata, monitor the health of pregnant mothers until their children are around 5, take any necessary healthcare actions, and ensure that the family eats healthily, supports mothers, help with family planning and immunisations.

At the foundation you can donate an amount of your choosing toward sponsoring mothers.


About f4ciadmin

I work as a volunteer at the Foundation for Community Inspiration.
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