With 7 billion on earth, a huge task before us

With the advent of the worlds 7 billionth person, the worlds resources are becomming increasingly stretched, agricultural systems are being pushed, rainforests are being cut down, groundwater is being depleted, species are threatened. How will we deal with the pressure being put under the worlds resources if the population keeps on growing the way it does?

See the following video with Jeffrey Sachs on CNN, and read their article http://www.cnn.com/2011/10/17/opinion/sachs-global-population/index.html.


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Charity Walk April 2012

Thanks to everyone who took part in our charity walk 2012. The walk took place around Rutland Waters peninsula. It was a sunny day with no rain fortunately. The dogs came and enjoyed a breath of fresh air, we had a nice lunch afterwards and raised a little money for the charity. We did we have to admit cut the walk a little short after it took us 2 hours to walk 2 miles (or as some argued 4 miles) so we could make it back in time for lunch. We are now looking forward to our next event which will take place on jubilee day where we our looking at some people having open houses on the foundations main offices road.

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Enjoy donating to Specific Programs at F4CI

You can now donate to specific programs at www.f4ci.co.uk. Programs at time of writing include our Blue Skies program which allows you to donate to support a community in Ghana. The community will be supported by by providing it with facilities such as a bore hole or a school. We are waiting for Blue Skies to select programs for funding at around the end of May 2012.

Donating to a specific program allows you to track the success of your donation. Because you are donating to a specific cause you can follow that program on our website as it develops or by signing up for our emails or through following our social media, all of which you can find thorugh our website www.f4ci.co.uk.

The sort of information we tend to post includes testimonials which allows you to feel how our work really effects communities from their perspective and allows you to gauge how much community memebrs appreciate the efforts. You can read and watch vidoes about our partners, and learn about the communities to feel closer to them.

All in all donating to a specific progam really allows you to connect with a program and experience the appreciation of your gifts from the communities involved. By seeing the photos of finished programs you are able to see the results of your work and watch any videos about them. We hope that by becomming involved at the foundation you will get as much joy as you give through your support.

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Millennium Villages

Below is a video which shows you in great detail how the a group of villages in sub saharan Africa have been helped by the Millennium Villages Project. The Millennium Villages constructed a variety of infrastructure prgorams in several villages implementing on the ground measures wihch have had great effect on things like crop yield helping feed the population and sell on more to provide an income.

These villages empitamize the sort of work the foundation www.f4ci.co.uk is trying to achieve. Based on globally accepted strategies for ending poverty some of which have been adopted by the foundation the villages have developed considerably and prospered as a result.

Breaking Through: Millennium Villages Project Year Five from Earth Institute on Vimeo.

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Poverty Apps – Mission of Mercy – One Child

Poverty Apps:

One Child

One child is an app by Mission of Mercy. In summary, the app might be an innovative addition to your arsenal of poverty apps, especially if you like sponsoring children as you can select from a range of children to sponsor and you can view pictures and accounts of each child. You can also manage your current relationships with children you’ve sponsored. Pleasant to the eye, with pictures, maps, written accounts of children to sponsor, and a pleasant maroon patterned background, the app is informative and tells you stories of its work in developing nations.

Upon downloading this free app, you can select to login, create an account or select to skip for now on the introductory screen.

Initially I chose the skip for now option. This imediately directs you to a ‘how you can pray today’ link. There is also a link to the main menu at the top. Upon selecting the prayer link there are a number of causes for you to pray for. At time of writing there was a women’s mission trip to Cambodia that you could pray for, praying for projects in Lebanon and the fact that Tropical Irina had headed out to sea. This section was complete with sharing icons including facebook and twitter.

If you don’t want to pray you can select the ‘menu’ option. This gives you options including to ‘sponsor a child’ and look at ‘stories from the field’ and ‘make a difference’.

The sponsor a child option allows you to select from a number of pictures of children as to which child you would like to sponsor. You can then click on a picture to read more about each child and click to sponsor upon which you are taken to a checkout on the website. The process of selecting children appeared innovative and was engaging. However I did not have the money to actually try out the sponsor!

‘Stories from the field’ contained around 15 stories and videos from the field. The stories were short to moderate in length and talked about some of the hazards and needs of people on the ground, as well as what was and had been done to help them.

In the ‘Make a Difference’ section some of the stories were quite heartwrenching, like the story of a baby who was saved from the depths of a pit latrine who had been disposed of there and was subsequently saved from the latrine and aquainted with ‘The New Life Home’ where ‘the staff christened him’. There were three causes in the section with options to donate at the bottom of each.

There is also a section for you to login and see details of children and programmes that you have sponsored through the main website.

So, in summary an innovative app, that may be worth adding to your arsenal, especially if you enjoy sponsoring children.

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New Classical Music Charity Piano Videos

I have uploaded more videos to our channel on youtube on behalf of the charity. You can now buy some of my music from iTunes on behalf of the charity, by searching for David Piper on iTunes. There are two Albums – ‘David Piper – Selected Piano Pieces 1’ and ‘David Piper – Sonata in B minor – Franz Liszt’.

Below is a composition of mine for you to enjoy. If you like these videos, please donate!

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Water Aid Equity and Inclusion

WaterAid who we support at www.f4i.co.uk has equity and inclusion as one of its core working principles. WaterAid make sure that the bore holes and latrines they provide for people are able to suit people of all impairments and disabilities. WaterAid are working in conjunction with universities to train the NGO’S and organizations that they work with to design facilites that are able to be used by all. The following video takks about WaterAids Equity and Inclusion work in Uganda.

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